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We are a small software house that implements tailor-made software.
We believe that the best applications have their source in thorough knowledge of business domain, as well as effective client communication.

Pursuit of knowledge

We are lifelong learners who always opt for tools that fully meet customer needs.
We rely on Test Driven Development and implement our products in the heart of Domain Driven Design.

Patryk Zieliński
Rafał Piotrowski

Local DDD community co-organiser, Java/JS developer. Domain-Driven Design practitioner for more than 6 years. Believes that the key to success is a solid understanding of client needs. TDD and Continuous Integration fan. Currently interested in a functional programming, studying the usefulness of functional approach in domain modelling.

Pragmatic Fullstack developer,
clean code freak.
Software crafter who is passionate about
Domain-Driven Design.
Connected with Java for more than ten years.

Good friends, excellent developers.
About us

We are a good pack of friends, who were joined by the same values and views about software development. We know that an excellent team is nearly half the story.
We originate from Java backend and focus on well designed, tested, and clean solutions.

Software craftsmanship is where we deliver the most value. At the same time, we trust that thorough understanding of business needs and agile delivery are crucial for successful IT projects. We concentrate more on proper architecture rather than frameworks or languages.

What we value in our day to day work is knowledge exchange. Pair programming and code review are must - do practices. We rely on test driven development, as it provides higher productivity and makes the code more readable.

We also believe that a few tests are more valuable than often outdated documentation. Moreover, we find complicated business rules really interesting as they create a small unknown world that can be implemented in domain driven design.

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